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Zodel Hub (by Zodel Biotec Ltd.) aim to be a growth center for Life Science researchers and startups, providing affordable office space, network opportunities and research facilities. 

Our Impact

The establishment of Zodel Hub will have a significant impact on the development of the Nigerian and West African biotech industry. Zodel Hub will provide the necessary infrastructure and resources to support the growth and development of biotech startups, leading to the creation of jobs, the development of new products, and the advancement of research in the sector. Additionally, Zodel Hub will facilitate the transformation of biotech innovations into commercially viable products, leading to economic growth and development in Nigeria and the West African region.


Our primary goal is to launch financially sustainable biotech startups that address a social problem and create lasting change in Nigeria and the West African region. We aim to create a favorable ecosystem where academia, biotech startups, and investors can transform biotech innovations into commercially viable products. We also aim to take off the burden of starting a Biotech Business in an underdeveloped economy like Nigeria.


  • Metabolic Engineering Research Center
  • Molecular Biology & Genomics Lab
  • Bioinformatics Lab
  • Flex Laboratory Space
  • Offices and Flex Workspace
  • Virtual Office Hosting
  • Conference & Meeting Rooms


Zodel Hub will offer a variety of programs to support the growth and development of biotech startups in Nigeria and West Africa. The programs include:

  1. Shared Laboratory Facilities: Zodel Hub will provide state-of-the-art laboratory facilities that can be shared by multiple startups. These facilities will include equipment for molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics.
  2. Customized Acceleration Programs: Zodel Hub will offer customized acceleration programs for biotech startups, including mentorship, business development, and fundraising support. The acceleration programs will be tailored to meet the specific needs of each startup and will include access to a network of experts in the biotech industry.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Zodel Hub will provide opportunities for startups to network with investors, researchers, and other startups in the biotech industry. This will enable startups to establish partnerships, access funding, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industry.
  4. Funding Opportunities: Zodel Hub will provide funding opportunities for biotech startups, including seed funding, grants, and venture capital. Startups will have access to a network of investors interested in supporting biotech startups that address social problems and create lasting change.

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