Membership Registration

Membership plans typically offer various levels of access to Zodel Hub’s facilities, resources, and services. These levels will include:

Founder’s Edition Membership (Zodelaccess Card)

Micro-invest by buying our Zodelaccess Card  by buying between $200 – $2000 worth of Card. Read below the benefits of a partner. As a partner, you will have access to an evolving investors dashboard and features to keep you on top of investment opportunities from Zodel Hub, such as the Wall of Partners, Partner Certificate, Lifetime Royalty, and Use of Facility.

Early Support Benefit

  • Exclusive Access: Access to Zodel Hub’s facilities, events, and resources.
  • Priority Enrollment: In career development programs.
  • Startup Collaboration: Collaborate and invest in startups.
  • Influence & Impact: Shape biotech innovation in Nigeria.
  • Resale Value: Opportunity for premium resaleof membership card
  • Lifetime Royalty: royalty benefits from Zodel Hub
  • Recognition: Acknowledgment for contributions on Wall of Partners
  • Partnership Certificate: Official recognition for advancing innovation.

Facilities and Services

  • Premium co-working space access up to 5 Team member. 
  • Priority meeting room bookings.
  • Access to advanced labs and research centers.
  • Premium Virtual office hosting.
  • Exclusive access to advanced workshops.
  • Priority registration for all events.
  • Personalized career development support.
  • Access to Investor’s Dashboard
  • $3,000 Gift Card for Zodel Store (terms and Condition Applies)


$2,000.00 (One-time Payment).

$ 150.00 per month (After First year Subscription)



Designed for university undergraduate and early-stage researchers in biotech.

Access to the online community.

Access to the digital library

Free access to selected Online events

Discounted registration for select physical events

Basic career development resources.

Discount Student-focused training sessions and webinars.

Discount access for Lab benches and Equipment for Academic research Project.


Ideal for professionals and early-stage startups.

Co-working space access (Payment for Extra Space)

Meeting room bookings (limited hours)

Basic Virtual office hosting.

Discounts on paid events and workshops

Comprehensive career development resources.

Dicounted Access to training sessions and workshops.

$1000 Gift Card for Zodel Store (terms and Condition Applies)


Designed for established startups and professionals

Extended co-working space access for Team of 3

Access to advanced labs and research centers.

Priority meeting room bookings.

Standard Virtual office hosting

Discounts on paid events and workshops.

Comprehensive career development resources.

Advanced training sessions and webinars.

$1850 Gift Card for Zodel Store (terms and Condition Applies)